Musicstenders #1 – “Phil’s Back!”

Everyone’s got different obsessions. Mine is spotting and laughing far more than I should at cheesy shoe-horned-in music on EastEnders. Now don’t get me wrong, a bit of atmospheric background music in the vic, café, club or as a character is taking a nice walk down the market is fine. Perfectly acceptable if you ask me. But in this special series i’ve created, I want to highlight the times when the music has been so prevalent and that it has turned a normal, perfectly pleasant scene into an unintentionally “LOL” moment. This is the first post under Musicstenders and hopefully by the end of this you will understand what this is all about and maybe start looking for your own Musicstenders in future episodes and exclaim “That’s a Musicstenders!” or, “Haha that will be on Musicstenders pretty soon!”

Musicstenders #1 – “Phil’s Back!”

After one of the most hilarious stories in EastEnders’ history, “Who did Kat?”, Kat and Alfie (or “Kalfie” as the fans sometimes call them…) went on a holiday together hoping that it would save their failing relationship. Phil, after being down on himself for some reason I can’t remember… probably getting run over, shot, beaten up… or was it falling down that pit he fell down that time? It may well have been. Anyway, so he decided that he would grab life by the balls and get out there again on the front line behind the bar at the queen vic. Swaggering into the building in classic Phil style, he began to order people around in a bid to prove that he still had his alpha male status around Walford. One of his orders to Fatboy was “Put some music on will ya?”. He obeyed this instruction and made his way over to the jukebox. As everyone in the pub were in awe of this man, Jack asked his (now ex) girlfriend, or possibly fiancé it’s slipped my mind once again, what was happening. With a wide, excited grin on her face she replied “Phil’s back.” At this exact moment, the jukebox began to play Fatboys delightful choice of Kasabian’s “Club Foot” which completely drowned out everything else as the camera cut to a shot of Phil counting a big wedge of money. Classic.


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