Dean’s back! (Minus the ‘o’) – Why You Should Be Hyped


So this morning I awoke from my peaceful slumber, grabbed a nice cereal bar and a coffee, turned on BBC breakfast and started surfing the net. An average morning, until I read today’s gigantic news. Today’s massive scoop.

Deano bloody Wicks is coming back!

How have I managed without him all these years? What have I done with myself? It quickly dawned on me that I was in denial. Telling myself I didn’t care when he left forgettably that time possibly in a cab (or a random sports car like AJ), when in fact i’ve never really got over his absence. But don’t get down everyone, because he’s coming back to be angry at his mum again and hopefully have a slightly awkward bromance with Mick Carter! If you’re not as excited and hyped up about this news as I am, then here are some reasons why you SHOULD BE!!!!

1) He was part of one of the most classic storylines in EastEnders history, “Patrick getting hit by a stick.”

lol, gets me every time.

(In case you didn’t know, him and Denise’s daughter Chelsea tried to frame Sean Slater for the whole… stick thing… but it didn’t work out.)

2) He went for some chips once and ended up with a beating.

3) He got randomly punched by a man with a puppet.

(Yeah, he basically just spent his time on the show being a bit of an idiot and getting beaten up for it. But in this case his mum was there to save him from puppet man.)

4) He always meant well bless him.

5) But after being trampled on by everyone from Sean Slater to puppet man, he decided to turn badass.

So welcome back Dean Wicks! I hope the lack of ‘O’ won’t annoy me too much. Then again did the addition of an ‘O’ annoy me more in the first place?


Have a natter treacle

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