LOLstenders # 1 – “The Epic Queen Vic Brawl”

Welcome to the first ever LOLstenders, those moments when EastEnders seriously attempts comedy. This one is a gem from the summer of 2012, right in the middle of… yep, you guessed it, the infamous “Who did Kat?” storyline. You must watch the video to get the full experience but in a nutshell, the men of Albert Square turn a tiny little tiff about the pub football team into a full-on comedy brawl that seemingly all the males of walford become so passionate about that they would trash their local pub in order to prevail. Michael tries to have a calm, suave drink at the bar & keeps getting knocked over, Fatboy falls head-first onto big Mo and Shirley’s table, someone throws a stool, Syed pours ice down Derek’s back, Max walks past the Vic and… you really have to see that to grasp the true brilliance of that moment, and all the while Alfie is being a mini-buffoon and Kat is shrieking “ALFAAAAAAAAY!” (whilst staring uneasily at each man involved in her storyline.)

Experience this classic LOLstenders below. Don’t worry, the fight gets stopped with a blow horn.