Spoilstenders 21st January 2014 – Another bloody Carter & Spraggan Pursues Wicksy

Yo peeps, time for your latest fix of all the hilarity to come in Eastenders. I’m going to keep it short and sweet, cause that’s the way I’m rolling right now. These are the weeks biggest spoilers, in Spoilstenders.

Another bloody Carter
EastEnders have cast Lee Carter, who is Mick and Linda’s oldest son that you may have heard them casually dropping into conversations. You may also remember him from that shoehorned-in Skype call where you couldn’t see his face (which was used for two purposes – a) to be aware of this guy and b) to introduce the Linda/Sharon friendship so that it could develop into a rivalry. I’m sure that people will tell you Lee’s coming into the show for all kinds of different reasons, but I personally think he’s here to help Linda choose what to have on her feature wall after Sharon was such a let down.



Spraggan Pursues Wicksy
The legend that is Nikki Spraggan decides to try her luck with fellow legend David Wicks, or Wicksy as I like to call him, completely ignoring the fact that his brother was nicknamed that and not him. Nikki tries her very best but Wicksy doesn’t appear to be particularly interested…


Mind you, to be fair to her he does have some other shit going on in his life right now.


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