Musicstenders #3 – “Wings are made to fly”

Hi everyone, after a short break from the blog I’m back with another Musicstenders. I know, I know, none of you can contain your excitement. I should probably get on with it then.

Today’s fabulous Musicstenders comes to you courtesy of a classic comic relief storyline. You know, those ones that randomly take place over a few intense weeks leading up to comic relief night and before long are barely ever mentioned again. *CYNICAL MODE OFF* they’re for a good cause, people. This storyline featured Liam Butcher – son of Bianca and grandson of the legend that is David Wicks – joining a gang and eventually ending “up shit creek without a paddle”. To cut a long story short, the storyline culminated with one of Liam’s fellow gang members getting sent to prison and Liam “going to stay with his dad for a bit”. In the clip below, the family gather round to wave Liam off as he prepares to leave the square. Even the hardest of people found it hard to fight back the tears as Bianca realised he didn’t need his infamous cap anymore. It was all very heartwarming and emotional – until “Wings” by Little Mix (yes, WINGS… BY LITTLE MIX…) began to fade in and become so overpowering that it became a Musicstenders. Experience this moment below.