Eastenders Groundhog Day

Yo guys. Been away for a while. Just err… taking in the show.

But there’s something i’ve discovered recently.

I could stop watching for a few months, come back, and one of two things could be happening.

1. Dean, Shirley and Buster would STILL be putting on a ‘united front’, going into the vic or any other location where Mick and/or Linda or other members of the family happen to be, saying or doing something ridiculous then acting like someone had made their dog have an unprovoked crap on their lawn when they got chucked out.

2. Tina and/or Shirley would be trying to make a truce with Mick by organising a family dinner or some sort of event at the pub, only to act like someone had made their dog have an unprovoked crap on their lawn when Dean isn’t allowed to come too.

3. Mick would be discovering Dean in random places and threatening him, with Dean desperately trying to prove his ‘innocence’.

And some other variations of this too.

It’s like Eastenders groundhog day.

Also, consider the following:

Shirley Carter asked for the infamous ‘ten grand off Phil’ and thought this was a) enough to buy Mick and Linda out of the pub and b) something that could actually happen. Phil, for some reason unknown to man, actually gave it to her. In wads of cash tied up in special ‘money ties’ that Phil must have a drawer full of at home just in case. Then she broke into a garage that wasn’t hers or even Phils, went to the trouble of getting a grindy thingy and a welding mask, going to the vic, getting a ladder, climbing up it, undoing the screws on the sign above the door, getting the sign, climbing down the ladder, putting the mask on, going into the bar, putting the sign on the bar and grinding her name off the sign, then slapping down the wads of cash on the bar. Only to be told “no, it’s not going to happen”, and then having to take all of the equipment back. Mysteriously I haven’t seen her give Phil his ten grand back though. Oh well, he’s got plenty more ten grands for whoever needs ‘his help’.

To nicely round off this post, here are a selection of unrelated videos of Dean getting threatened etc.

Christmas Day


3rd and 5th of February

19th February

( i know bit of a weird one )

Some time in March or April

A couple of days later

A couple of weeks after that

And so on and so forth.


Have a natter treacle

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