About EastEnders

Contact: east2daenderz@yahoo.com

EastEnders is a British soap shown on BBC 1 in the UK and in various other places around the world. It is set in London’s East End (hence the name) and has been going since 1985. Over the years it has had such ground-breaking storylines as “Billy Mitchell stealing people’s post”,
“Man gets punched and falls into a pit”
and “Who did Kat?”.
mysterylover (“It was ‘iiiiiim!”)
It continues to go from strength to strength, attracting an audience of millions.

Having gained a reputation over the years as “depressing”, I aim to give you the lighter side of EastEnders so that when upsetting story lines are going on you always have something else to laugh about.

I don’t own the show, it’s owned by the BBC or “aunty beeb”, whatever you want to call it depending on how cool you are. Any clips or pictures I post are owned by them and not me. I will frequently joke around about characters, storylines etc. etc. but nothing is ever meant personally and I will never slag off any of the ‘real life’ cast or crew. I love this show and it’s all meant in a friendly way.

Oh, and a massive thank you to you if i’ve used your YouTube video or a pic off google I found that was yours. I will try to credit where I can and use my own videos where possible too!


Have a natter treacle

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