Cringestenders #1 – The Branning Bros. Take On ‘Adam White’ (me neither really…)

Welcome to the first ever Cringestenders, a feature which aims to remind you of the most unintentionally cringeworthy scenes and moments on EastEnders. Today’s comes courtesy of the Branning Bros.™ and notorious panto villain Carl White’s brother, Adam White (according to YouTube). In case you’ve chosen to forget, Christmas Day 2012’s duff duff was dedicated to some random woman Max was apparently supposed to be more in love with than Tanya. That woman was Kirsty Branning, who Max threw out of his house earlier this year by chucking her out the door & down the stairs with her bags. Don’t worry though, she eventually got her own back as a grinning David Wicks watched for a laugh. Anyway, I digress. At some point in 2013 Kirsty left the square and ended up staying with Carl’s supposedly dangerous brother.

In this clip, Max has marched down there, with the secret back-up of his much harder brother Jack to ‘teach Adam a lesson’ and save Kirsty. Max gets into character by atmospherically smoking a fag in his aviator shades whilst staring at the ‘gaff’ that he’s about to burst into. After this fabulous moment, he walks up to the door and rings the bell. On the window behind the curtains there are some strategically placed beer bottles all standing in a neat row to remind us that this guy is bloody ruthless so beware. Before long, there he appears at the door. Adam White, a man who could clearly wipe the floor with Max to be fair. You sense this in Max’s eyes, the slowly dawning realisation that he’s not going to be able to have this guy. But still he continues to play the character he created, the guy in those aviator shades. We all think for a moment that the underdog might succeed but then Adam White starts punching him repeatedly so Jack has to run round the corner and fight the battle instead. To cut a long story short, Adam White ends up lying in pain on a conveniently dumped mattress (again, proving the guy is ruthless) and the Branning Bros. ™ swagger away into the sunset. Enjoy the brilliance – and i’ll be truthful, it’s all for ‘that’ moment with the shades and the fag – below.