Musicstenders #3 – “Wings are made to fly”

Hi everyone, after a short break from the blog I’m back with another Musicstenders. I know, I know, none of you can contain your excitement. I should probably get on with it then.

Today’s fabulous Musicstenders comes to you courtesy of a classic comic relief storyline. You know, those ones that randomly take place over a few intense weeks leading up to comic relief night and before long are barely ever mentioned again. *CYNICAL MODE OFF* they’re for a good cause, people. This storyline featured Liam Butcher – son of Bianca and grandson of the legend that is David Wicks – joining a gang and eventually ending “up shit creek without a paddle”. To cut a long story short, the storyline culminated with one of Liam’s fellow gang members getting sent to prison and Liam “going to stay with his dad for a bit”. In the clip below, the family gather round to wave Liam off as he prepares to leave the square. Even the hardest of people found it hard to fight back the tears as Bianca realised he didn’t need his infamous cap anymore. It was all very heartwarming and emotional – until “Wings” by Little Mix (yes, WINGS… BY LITTLE MIX…) began to fade in and become so overpowering that it became a Musicstenders. Experience this moment below.


Musicstenders #2 – “You Can Go Your Own Way”

How are you all doing? It’s time for another Musicstenders, and today it comes courtesy of one of my favourite ever exits. If you don’t have a clue what Musicstenders is, then basically it’s moments where music has been cheesily shoe-horned into EastEnders. We’re not just talking about background music here, we’re talking about full-on, obviously-intended-to-be-there music. This is the second one i’ve done so if you want to read more you can click on the Musicstenders button (and see a very nice photo of Phil Mitchell with some headphones on).

Musicstenders #2 – “You Can Go Your Own Way”

Poor talkative and constantly wearing a pained expression Dexter. He hadn’t been having a very good time in mid-to-late 2013. Not only did he end up owing ten grand to Phil Mitchell after “camping week” (the less said about that the better), but he also found out that the only reason his dad came back into town was because he needed a kidney. But on the 29th November he didn’t know this. He was too busy dancing the night away to “Treasure” by Bruno Mars with a random girl at his 21st birthday party. (Maybe that’s a future Musicstenders.) His mum did though, and she was bloody angry about it. So angry that she wanted Sam, a strange man who often talked slowly and came across as slightly disturbing, to leave his son for good on his birthday and make up some story about where he was going. Sam didn’t really argue much – mainly because he was getting axed – and decided to get his stuff and go. It was night time, and Ava thought she would follow him purely to give him a disapproving look as he walked atmospherically past the vic which just happened… to have “You Can Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac blaring from the pub jukebox. Bloody loved it. HE CAN GO HIS OWN WAY!!!!

Musicstenders #1 – “Phil’s Back!”

Everyone’s got different obsessions. Mine is spotting and laughing far more than I should at cheesy shoe-horned-in music on EastEnders. Now don’t get me wrong, a bit of atmospheric background music in the vic, café, club or as a character is taking a nice walk down the market is fine. Perfectly acceptable if you ask me. But in this special series i’ve created, I want to highlight the times when the music has been so prevalent and that it has turned a normal, perfectly pleasant scene into an unintentionally “LOL” moment. This is the first post under Musicstenders and hopefully by the end of this you will understand what this is all about and maybe start looking for your own Musicstenders in future episodes and exclaim “That’s a Musicstenders!” or, “Haha that will be on Musicstenders pretty soon!”

Musicstenders #1 – “Phil’s Back!”

After one of the most hilarious stories in EastEnders’ history, “Who did Kat?”, Kat and Alfie (or “Kalfie” as the fans sometimes call them…) went on a holiday together hoping that it would save their failing relationship. Phil, after being down on himself for some reason I can’t remember… probably getting run over, shot, beaten up… or was it falling down that pit he fell down that time? It may well have been. Anyway, so he decided that he would grab life by the balls and get out there again on the front line behind the bar at the queen vic. Swaggering into the building in classic Phil style, he began to order people around in a bid to prove that he still had his alpha male status around Walford. One of his orders to Fatboy was “Put some music on will ya?”. He obeyed this instruction and made his way over to the jukebox. As everyone in the pub were in awe of this man, Jack asked his (now ex) girlfriend, or possibly fiancé it’s slipped my mind once again, what was happening. With a wide, excited grin on her face she replied “Phil’s back.” At this exact moment, the jukebox began to play Fatboys delightful choice of Kasabian’s “Club Foot” which completely drowned out everything else as the camera cut to a shot of Phil counting a big wedge of money. Classic.